We launch this website in order to inform the Romanian and foreign public about Probota, a monument of great historical, artistic, cultural and spiritual importance.
We offer the visitor of the website detailed information about the history of the monastery and the rare and original architectural solutions employed here in order to give the sacred edifice strength but also monumentality, a touch of elegance and value, taking into account that it would serve as a necropolis for the founder princeís family. There are also details about the original XVIth century fresco painting, with a coherent iconographic programme of an exceptional artistic quality forming a harmonious whole in all the five rooms with religious function: the sanctuary, the nave, the crypt, the pronaos and the porch; information about the museum collection of the monastery, about the programme of the religious services, about the monastic and the social activities that we develop, about accommodation spaces and other services that we can provide to those interested.
An extensive photo gallery puts at the publicís disposal over 100 images with the monastery and the surroundings and a dialogue window offers you, dear visitors of our website, the possibility to leave your impressions. This interactive facility will also offer us the possibility to learn about the impact of the website on the public and to help improve its updating.
With high regards for all those fond of history, art, culture and spirituality,
We welcome you into the virtual space of Probota Monastery!
Stavrofora Marina TURCANU
Mother Superior of Probota Monastery

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